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6 Mistakes That Twenty Years

By Celina Braden

Perhaps this is the most difficult period in the life of every human being. Especially if he is aware of this and does not understand what he wants from you, from life, from the future. You know, you can quickly make mistakes, but they need to comprehend and accept wisely and slowly. We will try. Fortunately, this is always (!) Is the time.


  1. We think that 20 years – an age when everything is possible, and the solution can be changed

Nevertheless, this is the age of the most important decisions in our lives. If you look back 50-60 years ago, you probably think of myself twenty years. Yes, these are the first steps on the way up the career ladder, in a family plan, but it moves, and the pace of that sound which is heard all my life.


  1. We declare loudly about themselves

Imagine that you – the fish. In the vast ocean of fish more experienced and serious. And you also a little. As you can see you? According to the features that distinguish you among the crowd. How many do not shout about your wonderful merits – here you cannot hear. Not because you’re not worthy. Here, just silence. Here’s a metaphor. Try to immediately find their difference and carry it with dignity.


  1. We, Dr. Wade loves rapidly resign

Yes, everyone in this age is inherent in youthful maximal-ism. Do not you one. However, it is worth considering before you leave the place of work: all I got here? Do I have enough connections to move on? where would I go? I manage? Be reasonable – do not run an application if your colleague is very sociable and you are sick of it. Catch Zen!


  1. Status and money – is paramount at this age

Our survey group VKontakte showed that about 70% of young people choose money (wealth) rather than inspiration. What does it mean? Meeting the needs of the status of this age and the attainability of this status is available with money. What is not very true.

20 years – the age when you can get the knowledge that when the brain operates on the absorption of information and rapid digestion. Who is easier to remember, think of to learn, and just your mind to it and continue to work at all as an ideal mechanism!


Do not just set sail in search of material, because in order to get the status, you need to have enough confidence.


  1. P ly be adrift!

And it would be better to set goals.It sounds boring, we know, but the truth is. If you now focus on one thing, something that appeals to you, instead of spreading on unnecessary things – you will thank yourself later.


  1. We love to compete with everyone. Not with him.

This is a favorite thing! Wait. We know that twenty years just need to assert themselves and they do it thanks to the victories. Over others. Instead of war with him, to go for a jog, to enroll. It is not necessary to strive for in order to be better than anyone else. Be better than you are now. Let’s get together.

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